Feb 3, 2016

Mar 31, 2015

Big Punisher "Bronx Legends Never Die"

I knocked out the illustration for this and my dude Arewhy knocked out the text and background graphics! Pick this up on Itunes now!!!! An honor to have this on my resume.....

Jul 24, 2014

Via Satellite- single

Planet Asia and Tzarizm hit you with a second single from their coming album "Via Satellite." The joint features Midaz the beast and Casual. Cuts by DJ Dolo! This is probably one of my personal favorites out of all the cover art ive done for the project... Hit itunes and get the single!!

Get it here on Itunes

Jul 9, 2014

Planet Asia x Tzarizm "Via Satellite" album

Here is the artwork I provided for this great album! "Via Satellite." A must have for hiphop heads. Hit the links below to pre order the album on itunes or do one better and cop the physical cd that has even more dope art that I provided for the inner panels and back. If you pre order on itunes you will get two unlocked songs upon purchase!!! Snag it!!

Jul 5, 2014

"Brooklyn Ozone Cipher"

Coming soon!

Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse
Ruggedness Monstah of Doxside Music Group
Amiam of Vets of Kin

Produced by Tzarizm
Cuts by Dj Dolo
Art by Gift Revolver

Jul 4, 2014

NOSO Brand

Here is a screen shot for some art I provided for the fellas over at NOSO brand. "No One Singled Out."

NOSO Brand was founded by minimalist enthusiasts, William Moxey, Luis Delgado, and Efrain Lozada.
A team of minimalist on a mission to design products that help simplify your everyday life. Peep the artwork and hit the link to check out their cool affordable product!
Hit the Link NOSO Brand website

Planet Asia x Tzarizm "All Jokes Aside"

Here is the first single from Planet Asia and Tzarizm's coming album "Via Satellite." Scheduled to drop in late July. "All Jokes Aside" is a certified heater. Below is the artwork I provided for the song along with the download link!!! Go get this!!
Hit the Link "Planet Asia x Tzarizm "All Jokes Aside"

Jan 1, 2014

MidaZ the BEAST "The New 52" 2014 weekly series

The New 52 is a weekly series conceived by HipNott Records/Doxside Music Group emcee MidaZ the BEAST that will run the entire course of 2014. Taking its name from DC Comics' revamp and relaunch of their superhero books, each installment of The New 52 features a new or rare song from Doxside Music Group artists paired with an original illustration from DMG comic book artist Gift Revolver.

WEEK 01 "Hat Trick"
Hit the link "Hat Trick" by MidaZ the BEAST

WEEK 02 "Its Going Down" feat. J-Biz and Shinobi Stalin
Hit the link "Its Going Down" by MidaZ the BEAST

WEEK 03 "Say Goodbye" by Imakemadbeats feat. Midaz the Beast, Tzarizm and Aahmean
Hit the Link "Its Going Down" by Imakemadbeats

WEEK 06 "Maria"
Hit the Link "Maria" by Midaz the BEAST

WEEK 07 "Head Shots"
Hit the Link "Head Shots" by Midaz the BEAST

WEEK 09 "Listen"
Hit the Link "Listen" by Midaz the BEAST

WEEK 10 "Live From the Hallway"
Hit the Link "Live From the Hallway" by Doxside Music Group

WEEK 13 "King Freestyle"
Hit the Link "King Freestyle" by Midaz The Beast

WEEK 14 "You Got It"
Hit the Link "You Got it" by Midaz The Beast

WEEK 17 "Gotta Get Ova"
Hit the Link "Gotta Get Ova" by Midaz The Beast

WEEK 18 "Grown Folk Music"
"Grown Folk Music feat. Kinetic" by Midaz The Beast

Dec 29, 2013

Riddick "Rule the Dark"

A pin up I did for a the Riddick "Rule the Dark" deviant art contest.
11x17 print available. Email giftrevolver@yahoo.com for inquiry

"AU" Another Universe album art book

Here are some art pieces I provided for MidaZ the BEAST album "AU" Another Universe art book. It was a limited edition comic book printed for the album release party. 11x17 prints available for all of them. email giftrevolver@yahoo.com for inquiry

Bill Power

Logo I did for a youth football team.

DMG wedding bells!

Artwork I provided for my DMG brother Tzarizm's wedding program. Congratulations TZ!